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Hermit's Letter re Israel Folau

Israel Folau's Instagram Post

I would like to encourage all Christians to speak up about the coming persecution of Christians in Australia, hallmarked by the present dispute between Israel Folau and Australian Rugby.

I personally have written to my Federal Member of Parliament, and I would like you to do the same.  I truly believe it is time for Christians to nail their colours to the mast - better to do it now than wait until things get worse. Tribulation will come, but let us not go quietly.

Click here to download
or view (and save) a copy of my letter.

However, I encourage you to write your own concerns in your own words.  By all means use mine as a thought-starter, and copy if you feel you must.

There are a number of websites which will help you find how to contact your Federal Member; I used this one: Find your Federal MP.

You Can Come Home

You Can Come Home
My life was a mess.  Drugs and alcohol (and heredity) had left me with mental illness. I almost lost my family because of things I was doing.  I ended up in intensive care five times for drug overdoses, and was sectioned into the psychiatric ward four times.

And then I found a real relationship with God. He has changed my life.  I am happy.  My life has purpose.  I know I am loved.  I have peace and a new strength for living. I am learning from God how to overcome mental illness and my various faults.

God has turned my life around, and I would never go back to my old lifestyle.

Is your life really satisfying? Does your life have purpose?  (Do you know your reason for living?)  Or are you feeling lost or disconnected? Worries flooding in and you don't know where to turn?

My friend, God loves you.  He forgives you.  You can come home.   [ebk1176]
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PDF ebook
PDF ebook
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First Steps Following Jesus

First Steps Following Jesus
This book is a great starting point for a new Christian. It begins with a discussion of the factual elements of the Christian Gospel, followed by a look at what changes when someone becomes a Christian. It provides all the information a new Christian needs to begin and grow in a relationship with God. Topics include: How to know God, how to use a Bible, what is prayer?, finding a church, important Christian beliefs, answering critics and unbelievers, telling others, and so on. Reading this book will show you how to have a real relationship with Jesus.

Salvation is a free gift from God for those who will believe and trust in Him, but living as a Christian may cost you everything.

Nevertheless, millions of Christians would tell you that it is the best possible way to live, in relationship with the God who created everything, and the son of God who gave his everything, crucified by the very people he came to save, so that you could receive forgiveness and become a child of God.

We trust you will find this little book a help as you step out to live in this love relationship with him. Remember, God loves you and he wants you to have the best possible life-the Bible calls it "abundant life" and "everlasting life".

We pray that you will come into the joy of knowing that your sins are forgiven, your heart is right with God, and you have a glorious future to look forward to in Heaven.

Controlled By The Spirit?
Rethinking Our Relationship With God.

Controlled By The Spirit
We start with the Word of God - the Bible. Then our Pastors and Teachers preach the Word to us. Some come up with new ideas, new ways of presenting the message. Some of these ideas appeal to us, and we latch on to them, and repeat them. The ideas spread, and before long they become "orthodoxy" - what everyone thinks the Bible says.

So much so, that when someone comes along and points out that a particular idea is erroneous, and is not taught in Scripture, we don't want to hear them. But it is so important that we keep a tight grasp on what the Bible does actually say.

Two such ideas are:

• Christians should be controlled by the Holy Spirit, and
• The Bible says we have a sin nature.   [ebk1177]
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PDF ebook
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The Duties Of Parents

The Duties of Parents
Home can be a place of harmony and contentment, or one of tension and strife. Is your home happy, strong, and able to survive the storms of life?

This small booklet is a beginner's manual for what Christians ought to do in the most important task of child-rearing. In an age when we are losing our children to the world at a worrisome pace, Ryle give us wisdom to enable us to "train them up in the way they should go." - Prov. 22:6  [ebk1226]

The Peace Testimony of the Early Plymouth Brethren

Early Plymouth Brethren
Among the many fruits of the evangelical piety within British Protestantism was the movement of renewal which crystallized around the end of the 1820s into the sect usually known as the Plymouth Brethren (or Christian Brethren as they now prefer)

The sect originated among a group of earnest seekers centered first in Dublin and later in Plymouth, where at the beginning of the 1830s they began to take on the form of an organized movement.

This ebook presents an interesting study of the beliefs and teaching of the early Plymouth Brethren towards war and involvement in politics.   [ebk1190]

The Postal Vote and Same Sex Marriage

Homosexual Marriage Rainbow

by Dr. David van Gend and other writers

If you think the issue is just allowing gay people to marry, there's a lot you don't know about the issue, which will have major ramifications for parents, children, education,  and freedom of religion. If same-sex marriage is legalized in Australia, it will be the start of a war on all those who have any objection to homosexuality, including Christians and Muslims. 


Spurgeon On Christ

Spurgeon Preaching On Christ This ebook contains 30 sermons on the Lord Jesus Christ.
The People's Christ
The Sinner's Friend
A Mighty Saviour
Christ – The Power And Wisdom Of God
The Objective Of Christ’s Death
Many more!

   [ebk1225] Available in formats:


Spurgeon on Catholicism

This ebook contains three articles on Catholicism and High Anglicanism which were written by C.H. Spurgeon and originally published in The Sword and the Trowel.
Geese In Their Hoods
A Sabbath In Rome
Against Romish Anglicanism

   [ebk1165] Available in formats:


The Holy Bible 1611 (PDF)

The original King James (1611) Edition. There is no other book like it in the history of the world. Written over a period of 1,500 years, and completed about 1,950 years ago, it was written by many different writers, from many different walks of life, who lived and wrote in different countries and at different times.   They generally had no contact with each other, and had no idea that when their writings were all put together as one book it would be complete, all parts agreeing in doctrine, teaching and prophecy. Christians believe it to be the Word of God, and Jesus also believed it to be so.   [ebk1155]

A Chronological Qur'an

This English translation of the Qur'an (or Koran) has the surahs (chapters) arranged in chronological order to make it easier to determine where abrogation applies.  [ebk1156]

Arguments For God

Arguments For God This ebook contains three compelling arguments for the Existence of God.
The Existence of God by G. Brady Lenardos
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang, and God by Dr. Henry "Fritz" Schaefer III
God and the Beginning of the Universe by William Lane Craig
Resell Rights included.   [ebk1056]
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Ten Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God

R.A. Torrey

Why the Bible is the Word of God“I was brought up to believe that the Bible was the Word of God. But later in life my faith in the Bible was utterly shattered through the influence of the writings of a very celebrated, scholarly and brilliant sceptic. I found myself face to face with the question, Why do you believe the Bible is the Word of God? I had no satisfactory answer. I determined to go to the bottom of this question. If satisfactory proof could not be found that the Bible was God's Word I would give the whole thing up, cost what it might. If satisfactory proof could be found that the Bible was God's Word I would take my stand upon it, cost what it might.”   [ebk1055]

Just $1.29

Alleged Bible Contradictions

Does the Bible really contain a mass of contradictions, as its critics allege? How do Christians answer the challenges of these apparent mistakes or inconsistencies?  [ebk1057]

Just $1.29

The Bible and Higher Criticism
The Bible and Higher Criticism

The Bible and Higher Criticism Higher Criticism is supposedly a study of the Bible according to scientific methods, to better understand the message it contains.

Unfortunately, many of the "critics" are non-believers, and they have greatly contributed to the cause of Liberalism, undermining many of the most important doctrines of God's Word.

These 25 chapters were written by conservative scholars, arguing that the higher criticism is frequently wrong and damaging to faith. These chapters first saw the light of day when The Fundamentals was published.  [ebk1241]
Available in PDF, Epub and Mobi

Naturalism and Religion

by Dr. R. Otto

Naturalism and Religion Excerpt: "The world and nature are marvellous in their being, but they are not "divine"! The formula "tiatura sive deus" is a monstrous misuse of the word "deus," if we are to use the words in the sense which history has given to them. God is the Absolute Being, perfect, wholly independent, resting in Himself, and necessary; nature is entirely contingent and dependent, and at every point of it we are impelled to ask "Why?" God is the immeasurable fulness of Being, nature is indeed diverse in the manifoldness of her productions, but she is nevertheless limited, and her possibilities are restricted within narrow limits."  [ebk1239]

Which Bible Version Is God's Word?
by Edward Hendrie

Mr. Hendrie explores the past Catholic Church's prohibition on placing the Bible in the hands of the common people in their own language, and traces what he sees as the corruption of the Bible through the many modern versions.   [ebk1054]

Just $1.29

The Lord's Table

"A Help to the Right Observance of the Holy Supper", by Rev. Andrew Murray.   A beautiful little manual, reflecting deeply on the significance of the sacrements, written by a man who loved the Lord. [ebk1058]

Introduction To Apologetics

WRITTEN BY Dr. Johnson C. Philip and Dr. Saneesh Cherian. Anyone who has ever witnessed to an educated person know the need for Christian Apologetics. Uncomfortable questions are thrown upon the Christian, and often it requires some preparation to give a reasonable answer.

1 Peter 3:15 says that we should “Sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord: being ready always to give answer to every man that asks you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, yet with meekness and fear”. This is an exhortation for apologetics.

Dr. Johnson C. Philip and Dr. Saneesh Cherian have teamed up to produce this introduction to Christian Apologetics that is both simple as well as accurate and authoritative. More than 10,000 copies of this ebook has already been downloaded by readers worldwide. More than 40 Bible Schools and Seminaries around the world use this as an introductory textbook. It is now made available in a revised edition in PDF format.   [ebk1118]


30 Years In Hell

30 Years In HellThirty Years in Hell  was written by Bernard Fresenborg, a Former Catholic Priest ...

"who for thirty long years tread the slippery and deceitful path of abhorrent Catholicism, but who to-day stands at the Vatican's door, with the torch of Protestant wisdom, and denounces Popery with a tongue livid with the power of a living God.

Now, what I once thought "Holy" I detest as abominable; What I once worshipped, I now hate. As you peruse these pages, I pray that you may whisper a prayer to God in my behalf, as I am now fifty-six years old and only a child in wisdom. With pity for the blind hosts of Catholicism and a prayer upon my lips for their deliverance from the trenches of paganism, I dedicate this book to the world as coming from a heart which poured out its youth's vitality upon the barren fields of superstition, and wasted its vigor in serving only the god of myths. With a feeling of brotherly love for the entire world."


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